Lustleigh Parish Council works as a team to provide a service to the community. Led by a chair the council is given advice and administrative support by the clerk who is the only employed member of the team.

We’re fortunate in not only having a hugely knowledgeable clerk but also one with a great sense of humour, Eleanor Barber. Many of you will have chuckled over Eleanor’s updates in the monthly Parish Magazine. Here’s a little more about her:

“I’ve lived in Lustleigh since 2007 and both my children were born here. I have been the Parish Clerk since 2008 when, in a moment of madness on maternity leave, I accepted the post. Being part of the Parish Council has allowed me to make some great friends (all my Councillors are really great people) and to get involved and understand the issues that affect the village. Most importantly I get to eat Sheila’s mince pies at the December meeting. In my spare time I am a practising solicitor.

I would also like to add that I did not write the section of this website that states I am hugely knowledgeable and have a great sense of humour. Although it is of course true.”

When you see your councillors out and about do talk with them about local issues, they will be keen to listen.

So who are your councillors?


Committed to the wellbeing of Lustleigh and its community.
Have been on the parish council for nine years with particular responsibility for planning and the inception of the Road Warden Scheme covering the repair of potholes and drainage.
Also chairman of the Lustleigh Association of Drivers.


I have lived in the village since 2003 and been on the PC since 2011. For the last few years I have been Vice-Chairman and responsible for the village orchard.
I am retired and very actively involved in village life, including being chair of the Village Hall and editor of this magazine.


I have lived in Lustleigh for over 44 years and been on the Parish Council for 16. My husband Raymond and I are active livestock farmers all around the parish and beyond which means that I have a fairly good knowledge of the local countryside and the village and most of its activities.


Having brought up two children in the village, taught in Newton Abbot, been on the May Day Committee, the Parochial Church Council, and Moretonhampstead Development Board, and volunteered at Castle Drogo and Citizens’ Advice, I am informed that now seems a good time to make a contribution to the community …


Jean and I became permanent residents of Lustleigh (Rudge) three years ago but have been “part-timers” here since 2010. Although I currently organise a village badminton club and a local tennis team, I would love to contribute further to the village. When developing our healthcare businesses in our previous life I enjoyed taking on new projects and challenges and it would be rewarding to do likewise for this fantastic village.


I was born in Bovey, moved to Lustleigh with my family in 1981, and have lived here since then. My wife Leigh and I met here, married here and raised our four sons here.
Over the years I have been involved in many aspects of village life; serving behind the bar at the Cleave, playing cricket, drama group productions, even grave digging in the extension churchyard. In 1991, with a great team of helpers, I took over the running of Lustleigh Show for 5 years.
Lustleigh is Home, and I want to ensure that it retains its character and sense of community for residents, visitors and businesses alike.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. I feel compelled to write to you due to the frequency of bonfires people are choosing to have for whatever reason.

    It is impossible to enjoy ones own garden, surrounding environment and home when people dispose of their garden waste in this way.

    This practice adversely affects the air quality and minute smoke particles enter the home despite windows being closed.

    Just last weekend ‘neighbours’ burned virtually all day filling my garden and surrounding area with smoke! It has had an adverse effect on my health and I feel the time has come to kindly request help with what is an unpleasant ongoing situation .

    We are in a ‘lockdown ‘ due to Covid 19 which literally means that this is no escape from the smoke!

    There is a bonfire being burnt as I am writing this.


  2. Hello, I have lived between Lustleigh and Moretonhampstead for nearly 20 years and watched my three children grow up playing in the Orchard in Lustleigh. It truly is one of my favourite places on Earth. I’d love to donate a honeybee loghive on legs to the orchard. It could have a small fence around it to deter close range interest. The benefits to the land, trees and bees are enormous. This is their most natural state. The cost of loghive, legs and installation is £500. As it is still swarm season I’m hoping to receive an answer from you as soon as possible. Kindest regards and many thanks, Jodi Feist King 07792575184 Wray Barton Manor TQ13 8SE


      • Hi Jodi

        Many thanks for your kind and generous offer, which has been discussed by the councillors. There is concern about placing a hive in what is a public recreational area and so, with regret, I’m afraid the the decision has been made to decline your offer.

        I’m sorry to disappoint you.


        Lis Wallace


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